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Topic: LM2596S buck converter to power ESP8266 or is there a better alternative? (Read 174 times) previous topic - next topic


I need to step-down the voltage from a battery pack of 7.4 V to power the ESP8266 and i have this module on hand; the LM2596S.

Can this buck converter reliably provide stable DC power to the ESP8266 module? My battery input voltage is about 7.4 V and i need 3.3 V for the ESP. I know that it should work but i'm concerned about the stability of the 3.3 V output and also the efficiency of the buck converter, especially as the battery voltage drops (i will also be powering 2 big stepper motors with the same battery pack, along with an Arduino and sensors) but before i add this buck converter into my prototype PCB, i would like to know if there are better alternatives?

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