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Hello!  I have recently got a new project: to make a digital thermometer using an arduino uno board, a 16x2 LCD display and a TC72 temperature sensor.

Sounds easy, right? Not really, beacause instead of an actual TC72 sensor i have to simulate one with another arduino board.

So...you have any ideea how should i write the code for the second board? I know the basics of how a temperature sensor works, but i never had to simulate one.
Keep in mind that i have to use the datasheet for the TC72 sensor for the technical parameters.

Any idea for this? Thanks!

*Datasheet is attached below


Looks pretty straightforward as the sensor uses the SPI bus.

Set up the second Arduino as SPI slave, and have it respond to the SPI commands from the first Arduino just as the sensor would. All commands that the sensor knows are given in the data sheet.
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Given the cost, I'd get a couple of TC72s for initial testing. It would be nice to have the reader program debugged before you create the simulator or you will constantly be trying to decide which end of the bus has the bug you're working on.

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