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So I'm new here so I do apologise if this has been asked before. However all I have found is using an ic (which there are many) to do the conversation of i2c from an Arduino to a parallel lcd module. However I don't have one of these readily available and don't want to wait on an order. So my question is how to go about changing the code you've downloaded that uses i2c to do parallel lcd? My particular issue is for some spot welder code. I have a parallel instead of i2c lcd and it's written for i2c. I also get my components from salvage so I'm trying to stay away from buying stuff. I also don't have any experience with LCDs on Arduino I've mostly messed with motor control and sensors.


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Assuming that you are talking about a 16x2 or 20x4 character LCD with the hd44780 controller, usually the difference between code written for a parallel LCD and the code for an I2C LCD is all in the library used and the LCD instance constructor.  The commands used to control the LCD in the program are the same (print, setCursor, etc.).

So we need to know which exact LCD that you have and the library that the spot welder code is using.

Probably would not hurt to post (or attach if too big) the spot welder code.

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