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This is my first experience with this board, i installed the DPinst64.exe driver correctly and i am using a USB extension.

When i plug it in, one led turns on steady and the device manager recognizes it as "Digispark Bootloader" under "libusb-win32 usb device" but after about 5secs windows chime "disconnect" and then "connect" again, device manager refreshes and so on...

I tried to update the driver from the device manager but ended up with a message like "the best drivers for your device are already installed".

I have changed the USB selective suspend setting to "disable" and checked for USB contacts misalignment but it doesn't seem to be the case either.

Any ideas please, anyone ?


This is normal until a sketch is uploaded to it! Covered on the products web site!
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 :-[  the only freaking thing i didn't think of..., dumb question sorry, and thanks  :smiley-grin:

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