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I am new to Arduino, but I have a project in mind which would definitely save some walking for me in the future :)

As the title suggests my plan is to monitor the presence of DC voltages by the Arduino, interface the microcontroller with the PC via Bluetooth and create a simple graphical interface on the top of this which can be used to monitor the channel states.

The magnitude of the signals would vary in between 24V-120V. There is 61 channel at any given time which needed to be monitored this way.

My questions are the following;

Would that be sufficient to use optocouplers to isolate the Hv input from the Arduino?
I've seen some promising candidates to create the interface (AZANDE/Device druid) are they any good?
Is there an off the shelf solution for expanding the analog inputs on the Arduino?
Is there a similar project which uses a similar approach?


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