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Hoping someone here can lead me in the right direction.
I'm aware this isn't really related to Arduino, but I don't know where else to post it.

I'd like to control my esp8266 from Alexa for a garage door opener
I can do it using fauxmo, but I don't want to do it that way as I'd like Alexa to tell me the status of the garage. For example, if I said Alexa close the garage door, it would know it's already closed and reply with "The garage door is already closed"

I know how to do most of this, what I'm looking for help with is the communications between the Alexa skill and the ESP8266. Preferably I'd like the alexa skill to talk to my raspberry pi that I will expose to the internet, and the Pi will talk on my local network to my ESP. and vice versa the ESP will talk to the PI which will talk to the Alexa skill. I'd prefer to do this through MQTT but am willing to look at other options.

So I guess I need someone to explain to me the best way to configure the communications, not the alexa skill or how to use MQTT or program the ESP8266, just how to set up the communications.

Hopefully, someone can help me.



Here is an Alexa MQTT bridge that could help you tie that communication.



Hi Kevlar.... did you get a solution? I have same problem.


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