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I am having three Arduino UNO boards with three Bluetooth modules HC-05 connected. i.e Each Arduino board has one Bluetooth device HC-05 fixed in it. Now i need to update the firmware (Eg.Blinking program) to a specific arduino board. the Choice is mine. Each bluetooth device is identified by unique MAC Address. Now i need to do one program in Arduino IDE which will ask me a MAC address, if i give the MAC Address, my program should get updated in the respective Arduino board through the corresponding bluetooth. Based on the MAC input from the user, the program should get uploaded in the desired board. Please suggest me a suitable solution & code for this, your quickest response is highly appreciable!!!


This won't do exactly what you want, but it does use an HC-05 to identify a bluetooth module based on MAC address and automatically connects to it: Link

The only problem you will have is automatically forcing the HC-05 to go into AT mode. This means you will need to control both the EN pin and the KEY pin (yet only one of the two is ever broken out on any one HC-05 breakout board).
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