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Hello I'm a college student in a circuit fundamentals class. I was assigned to make my own circuit using an Arduino UNO and some basic components. So far I have the build that I want to program done, but writing the program is beyond my understanding. I wanted to have a theme of some form of alarm clock that is associated with timing using the default millis() function from the Arduino IDE. I have snippets of code from various projects I've done as class assignments, but I'm unsure whether throwing them together will work.

I know the basics of coding, but only in python or java. I was wondering if there was someone that could help me figure out how to write this code such that I won't have to go through the troubleshooting process seeing as how my project is due tomorrow.

I'm very grateful for any help or advice! I've attached what I currently have built and below is a basic fundamental flow chart of my intended circuit:

1. The switch begins a counting time

2. The tilt switch allows for full reset of said time

This is my personal struggles:

3. The multicolor LED is connected to three pins (5,6,7)

I would like to run a RGB spectrum through this LED.

4. As the LED progresses with time, the single color LEDs will light up as the multicolor LED emits that color in the following order (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan).

5. As the light progresses I'd like the photoresistor to transmit a similar progressively weaker resistance such that the piezo speaker gets louder.

5. Along with the color progression, I would like my piezo speaker to ring progressively louder.

The colors are for the effect of a sunrise if anyone is curious. If the picture is unclear I have a list of associated connections for each of the pieces below:

Pin #  - Device

2 - Switch output

4 - Tiltswtich output

4, 6, 7 - Multi-color LED input (PWM)

8 - Piezo Input

10, 11, 12, 13 - single color LED inputs (Cyan, Green, Yellow, Red; respectively)

A0 - Photoresistor Input


post your code and ask when something is not doing what you want... no one is going to do your assignment for you... (well not for free anyway)


I'm very grateful for any help or advice!
Collision95 are you prepared to pay money for the help or advice you are requesting? The reason I ask is because, although gratitude is usually considered sufficient compensation for the help we provide here on the Arduino forum, the Gigs and Collaborations forum section you chose to post to is specifically for offering paid work.


my project is due tomorrow.
Excellent planning.

How do you even know your circuit is correct if you don't know how to program the Arduino and test it?!
Quality of answers is related to the quality of questions. Good questions will get good answers. Useless answers are a sign of a poor question.

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