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Hey there,
i developed an encoder/led-ring PCB module with a friend for the midibox-platform which should also be adressable with arduino boards. I plan running it on 3.3v though, so lever converters are probably needed. In case this is the wrong subforum for a bulk order or somehow against the board rules, please move or notify me. To clarify this is a completely non-commercial group buy situation and i have no whatsoever financial interest in this. If anybody is interested in joining in at cost, hit me up with a direct message or add to this thread. Post from midibox-forum below:

    - two layer sandwich PCB to get the SMD LEDs on surface level
    - encoder-slots compatible with both 11mm and 16mm encoders, with or without switch
    - two 74HC165 per encoder-board for direct connection to the core board, convenient midibox 10-pin IDC connectors
    - breakable design allowing to easily get 3x1, 2x1, 1x1 board configurations, partially leaving both broken parts usable/connectable/chainable.
    - Full ring of 36 WS2812 (C or B tbd) RGB LEDs in 2020 size, diameter of 27mm. The full ring allows for vertical or horizontal application as opposed to the classic 80% perimeter LED ring. 36 LEDs make up for the lost resolution.
    - additional power supply inlets for the hungry LED rings
    distance between encoders is 33mm in the prototype, might change to 35mm for production, allowing for bigger knobs. Not a fan of the current micro-encoders.
    - option for whoever needs it to design a compatible OLED-overlay-board to use instead of the LED-Ring board and thereby achieve something similar to @Antichambre's great OLRE board.

The design is not fully tested yet and we might make some adjustments but I wanted to put this bulk order up already so everybody gets a chance to see it before we order. Which will be as soon as the prototype has proven itself, hopefully in about 2-3 weeks. There is a number of questions to be addressed when the prototype arrived, ie maximum number of WS2812 on a single core board, overall power consumption etc. Obvisouly i am very happy about any ideas or constructive criticism regarding the design.

Here is a price overview that we calculated from an offer we got on a slightly older design, so it might vary depending on the total order amount and possible design changes, plus a tiny shipping&handling fee. I will personally order around 50 each so would make it to the middle price bracket probably.

Encoder board:
50pc --> 10€ / pc.
100pc --> 7€ / pc.
200pc --> 6€ / pc.

LED-Ring board
50pc => 28€ / pc.
100pc => 23€ / pc.
200pc. => 20€ / pc.

Yes these are pretty expensive compared to your usual diy pcb board, but we ruled out any self-assembly pretty early, given the amount of parts and also the sheer number of boards I personally need. So we will order these boards with all SMD parts fully assembled, if anybody is interested we could obviously also get some plain pcb boards made on the side.

So yeah please send me a DM or post in this thread if you are interested in ordering some of these.
Here are some nice renderings courtesy of the genius @FantomXR who might also chime in with schematics or if anybody has more specific technical questions.


prototypes working flawless, here's a picture with the assembled boards & encoders. group buy order going out in about 10 days so if anybody is interested post here or dm me.

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