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Firstly, I'm not familiar with everything an Arduino is capable of. I do know how to connect a proximity switch to an Arduino and get it to output the state.

My project is a bit more complicated I believe :) (I may be wrong)

I'm building a show truck that will be driven on the street. At each corner I want a way of knowing how low my air ride suspension is. This isn't for driving down the road, as much as it is for getting in and out of driveways and parking lots. My original idea was to just run five proximity sensors at each corner, placed a sensor width apart in a stack, with each sensor hooked to an LED.

I could use different colors for different heights, and I'd know where each corner was height wise. I was told that a cleaner way would be to collect the data with an Arduino, and feed it into a Raspberry Pi, which could have a display built into my center console.

I've searched until my head hurts, and can't seem to find anything that will actually tell me if it's even possible.

I'm not looking for anyone to build it, or teach me to, but if it's doable I'd like to know.



Yes it is doable with a Pi but also without one, just use one of those B/W or colour OLED displays.

For the sensors a proximity only gives you a yes or no. However a time of flight distance sensor gives you a reading of how close things are which might be a better thing to display.


Thank you, I think that's the better choice.

I appreciate the help,


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