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I see a lot of things online about upgrading the openWrt-yun.  I have a brand new Yun Rev 2 board.  The web GUI shows the version date of openWrt-yun, but not the version number.  Which date is the most recent date?  I don't want to bother upgrading openWrt-yun unless needed.  Thanks!


Just a thought... you may want to read some of the recent threads about the problems people have had trying to upgrade their Rev 2 Yuns. It didn't go well for some.

Also, please notice that the sticky thread "Please upgrade your Yun" is well known very four years old - it was posted when the original Yun was rather new, and some significant improvements were made to the system software. The software mentioned in that thread was developed long before the Yun Rev 2 was conceived, and there are some significant changes in the hardware between the the two revisions.

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