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so I just finished project 01 and at the end there is the question what happens if I put 3 or 4 LEDs in sequence or in parallel. I experimented but there is no hint where I can actually find an answer or help to this question. Am I missing something?

What I noticed is, that I can have 3 or 4 LEDs in parallel, they just light a little less. But I can only have 2 LEDs in sequence. Adding a third one will result in all LEDs not lighting up. Same then for 4 of course. Is this the correct solution or did I do something wrong? Can someone explain why this is the outcome?

Thanks in advance and I hope my questions are not too stupid, I just started with the kit today.


Many people here on the forum who have the knowledge to answer your question don't own an Arduino Starter Kit and the booklet is not available anywhere online. For this reason, you'll be more likely to get answers to questions you ask about the kit here if you provide all the details someone who has never see the booklet would require.

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