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hey there,
i posted about a bulk order the other day, i guess in the wrong forum so it got moved to the commercial forum. i wanna shed some light on the LED rings again though cause i am sure a lot of people might be interested and just didn't see it.

A friend and me designed some PCBs for rotary encoders with LED rings. you get 36 (!!!) WS2812B or C 2020 per LED ring in a diameter of 27mm. super detailed, bright and crisp. of course you can also just get the LED ring PCB without the encoder layer.

here's the old thread i made containing more info. the prototypes arrived earlier this week and are currently beeing assembled and tested.


to reinstate, this is in no way a commercial offer, i just want to give interested people the chance to join the bulk order at cost.

picture of the unassembled prototype:

hope i am not breaking any forum rules.


prototypes working flawless, here's a picture with the assembled boards & encoders. group buy order going out in about 10 days so if anybody is interested post here or dm me.


Is this still on offer as i am super up for some of those.


Ok so here's a summary:

   - Production run arrived and is working perfectly fine. Looks amazing too.
   - Breakable LED PCB with 4x32 ws2812 2020 LEDs, 3 pin connectors
   - Encoder PCBs with 2x 74HC595 and 4 encoder slots
   - Additional test points on the encoder board for 4-8 remaining 74HC595 channels, for use with additional buttons etc. 4 or 8 depends on whether you use encoder with ir without switches.
   - Net price per set (1 LED PCB, one ENC PCB, you need to buy & solder encoders and connectors everything else is assembled) 22 EUR
   - Add shipping cost to that. I am shipping from Europe. Within EU, around 4 EUR uninsured, 7 EUR insured. US shipping tbd. I could ship them from the US end of october.
   - If you need a business invoice, add 19% VAT.
   - I will reach out to everybody who showed interest. I have a small amount of extras so hit me up on this forum via DM or via mail rgbledring at gmail

I'll post some more pics and details on my experiences and mounting options asap. As I described in earlier posts, these are supposed to work with all major embedded platforms, specifically Arduino, axoloti and midibox. But you are only buying the hardware from me, no guarantees, no software support etc etc etc. The Encoder boards were originally designed for the midibox platform so they come with a 10pin IDC connector slot. I will provide pinout and schematics to buyers of course.

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