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hey there,
i posted about a bulk order the other day, i guess in the wrong forum so it got moved to the commercial forum. i wanna shed some light on the LED rings again though cause i am sure a lot of people might be interested and just didn't see it.

A friend and me designed some PCBs for rotary encoders with LED rings. you get 36 (!!!) WS2812B or C 2020 per LED ring in a diameter of 27mm. super detailed, bright and crisp. of course you can also just get the LED ring PCB without the encoder layer.

here's the old thread i made containing more info. the prototypes arrived earlier this week and are currently beeing assembled and tested.


to reinstate, this is in no way a commercial offer, i just want to give interested people the chance to join the bulk order at cost.

picture of the unassembled prototype:

hope i am not breaking any forum rules.


prototypes working flawless, here's a picture with the assembled boards & encoders. group buy order going out in about 10 days so if anybody is interested post here or dm me.

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