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Hi Forum

Fired up my paid for Visuino copy and randomly picked a module, viz. NRF24L01.... and tried Visuino out.
The specific module was available, thus I selected and dropped it onto the Visuino desktop.

Problem......  the pin names of the NRF24L01 in Visuino is nothing like the board itself.  The board itself has MISO and MOSI...... but Visuino talks about SPI and other names.

Question: how do I now connect the NRF24L01to the UNO?
Hard wiring is not the problem - but I want to use Visuino to generate the code.

Pse help.


Visuino talks about SPI and other names.
Please provide more details.


Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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