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Hi all i have a homebrew laser engraver running grbl 1.1f an a uno with drv8825 drivers running nema 23 steppers,the issue i have if i send a command in g code,the steppers run for maybe 10 seconds then pause for say 4 seconds and continue,it does the same in continuos jogg as well, runs ok then stops then starts againe,im using 32/micro stepping,would i be right in thinking the buffers are getting empty due to the amount of pulses needed for microstepping?,im pretty sure thats the issue just want it confirmed,cheers Paul m3vuv.


NEMA 23 specifies ONLY the motor's mounting face dimensions, says nothing about electrical parameters. What are the motor's current rating, winding resistance,etc? Did you adjust the DRV8825's current limiter to match your motor? If not, then it may be passing too much current, overheating and shutting down on thermal overload.


The DRV8825 are overheating.

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