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Topic: Wireless Sensor data transfer between 2- Arduino uno using two HC-05 (Read 59 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello everyone, I have two- Arduino uno kits and Two HC-05 Bluetooth modules. I want to send sensor data (e.g. GY-521 MPU6050, or simple potentiometer) from one Arduino uno to another Arduino uno using two HC-05 bluetooth modules. The second Arduino uno will be interfaced with MATLAB for processing. At present I am sending potentiometer data from A0 pin and want to control brightness of LED connected at pin 9 of another Arduino uno. But when I am  sending 255 from one arduino, I am getting random data like 10, 40 on the other end also its not varying in accordance with potentiometer value. Kindly help me and provide complete code for it.

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