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the resistors where do i need to place them on the board ?
Maybe it is your language problem, your English is certainly better than my German ( I can order three large beers ) but you only need 1 resistor when driving any number of WS2812 chips. See this link:- https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-neopixel-uberguide/basic-connections

20* 330 ohms resisters
1 * 330 ohms resister


Note that I have not seen much discussion about how this project will actually be constructed.

An Arduino UNO or clone thereof, is a very inconvenient format to which to connect things.  Unless you are using a "shield" which plugs directly into it, which has not been mentioned so far, the "Nano" is a far more practical version to use.

It is functionally (and in programming) almost identical to the UNO - the differences will never be relevant in the vast majority of uses - and it comes with "header pins" either ready to be soldered to its connection pads or already soldered in place, allowing it to be plugged into a "solderless breadboard" for prototyping or soldered to "stripboard" or a purpose-designed PCB or "perfboard".

The UNO cannot readily be mounted to any of these due to having sockets fitted rather than plug pins and an odd arrangement of its sockets.  If you seriously wish to use a UNO, you will want a "sensor shield" to go with it - but the Nano is really much more practical (and there are sensor shields to go with it as well).

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