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Topic: MPU-6050 Gyro Teapot 3D simulation along with DHT11 output on processing 3 (Read 902 times) previous topic - next topic


So my project goal is to use MPU-6050 Gyro  along with DHT11 sensor for 3D simulation and displaying the temperature output in the 3D simulation using Processing 3. I currently have modified the programming code individually for gyro using the Processing & ToxicLibs Library. I also have the arduino code for dht11 sensor which displays the temperature and humidity. How could I display temperature and humidity  output in processing 3 java. I wll attach all my codes below. I have also attached a image, that's how I need the output. So, how should I proceed? any suggestion or tips?


How could I display temperature and humidity  output in processing 3 java.
Does that look like an Arduino question? Did you get help with the Arduino programming from the Processing forum?
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