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Hello Forum

Trying to get into surface mount stuff.

I am having some trouble figuring out how to get a bootloader on the atmega328p-au


At 3:00 in this video the person is showing a socket holder for the SMD part, but when I look for socket holder not coming up with anything similar.

Any help would be nice.



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tqfp32 socket

Suggest you buy ProMini boards ~$3 and use the board as a daughter card.

All supporting parts are already there for you.  :)

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The socket looks fun, but... 

If you depend on a socket to program the MCU before soldering it into your circuit, you may find yourself in a bind, if you need to change or reinstall the bootloader or change fuses after soldering to the circuit.   

I believe it is a good idea to include ICSP header in the circuit, so you can program it or update the program or bootloader while the MCU is in the circuit.   Design your circuit so if you use the programming pins for other purposes, such as general I/O, they can be sufficiently isolated during programming.   That may mean just using resistors that can allow the attached device to be overpowered by the programmer, or include solder-bridge pads or jumpers.


when I look for socket holder not coming up with anything similar.
The video is probably using one like this: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1240
That $45 price tag should generate some "sticker shock" - designing your board to provide an ISP connector, and programming the chips after they've been soldered onto the board is usually a much better idea!

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