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Nice writeup, lots of pictures etc... Thanks for sharing all this!


Few more updates on my blog.
Has anyone tried to use the code and do something with it ?

Brad Burleson

I'm a bit late on this but nice work.

I've been inspired; I've got a couple of old 3' R/C sailboats I built with my kids a number of years ago that could be modified for fun.

Plus I was thinking of adding GPS feedback from the receiver as well as partial automation (controlling the sail servo with an accelerometer).

Heck, it might be a fun test bed - loss of R/C signal won't ever cause more than a ding in the paint, plus speeds and distances are pretty low.

So I think I understand the hardware required but I've got a few questions about how you did the software:

1) I assume you are using the XBee's in transparent mode, as opposed to API mode?

2) How often do you poll the potentiometers?  The Xbee?  Or are you simply looping between the two?

I'm curious about timing as I'd like to have an LCD display on the transmitter displaying GPS data received from the sailboat via the XBee.

Thanks again,




1/ yes, I use Xbee in transparent, just like a modem
2/ potentiometers are read on interrupts, when conversion is done. Meanwhile, data is written on serial port.

Brad Burleson


Thanks for the info.  I'd been thinking of using interrupts but was a bit hesitant due to my inexperience (and the fact that I want to use AFSoftSerial at the same time).

Perhaps I'll give it a try.



My Spektrum DX7 (2.4 ghz) was about $340 with the RX and a few servos that I really didn't need. A CCPM Heli needs 6 channels but for smaller application that sounds great.

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