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I just ordered 2 - 1 m strips of the LPD8806 controlled RGB LEDs from Adafruit so will be playing with these as well.

I also ordered 200 - LPD8806 ICs and 400 - 5050 RGB LEDs from a China wholesaler to build my own lighting strips.  It is much more cost effective doing it yourself.  For about $45 (inc s/h) you get 32 RGB LEDs that have 16 LPD8806s on it.  For $57, I got 200 RGB LEDs and 100 LPD8806s.  That's enough for 6 meters worth at the same spacing.

Now I need to get enough SMD resistors, SMD capacitors, and design some PCBs to allow stringing these together as needed.  Only thing lost is flexibility of the strips. 

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