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Hi guys!

I'm pretty new to the arduino scene but I have an idea for halloween that I need help with. I want to go as Shufflebot from the LMFAO videos

but I need help with the eyes. I want to have red LED's that blink to the music. I figured I could use the arduino with a li-po battery and keep it all in the head, use a microphone (which one?) to pick up the music and have the LED's flash in sync with the music.

The problem is I don't know where to start :D Or how I should wire the thing and program the arduino.

Could you guys please help me?


Start with google (research part of the project):
Then move to concept design part, searching for components, boards, leds etc.
Assembly, testing, debugging will follow next.
You can ask more specific question at any stage.


Go to one of the supply houses (Adafruit, Sparkfun, Yourduino, etc) and buy a sound sensor module.  You don't have time to goof around building and amplifier and coupling it to mic, etc.  Just buy a premade.

You supply it with 5v and gnd, and it returns the favor with a signal that you can feed into an analog input on the Arduino.

You are going to want to use a switching transistor (2n2222 or 2n3904 is a cheap one) with a base resistor, connected to a digital output.. with NPN transistors, you will be "switching the ground" rather than "switching the power".

From there, it's just "on if volume from mic is above a certain value" in terms of code.

Now get to it, overnight shipping costs a fortune.

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