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Came Across this while doing some reading:

And [energy] is superhuman in the sense that humans cannot create it.  They can only refine or convert it.  And they are bound to it by one of the paradoxes of religion: they cannot have it except by losing it; they cannot use it except by destroying it. The lives that feed us have to be killed before they enter our mouths; we can only use the fossil fuels by burning them up.  We speak of electrical energy as "current": it exists only while it runs away; we use it only by delaying its escape.  To receive energy is at once to live and to die.  Perhaps from an "objective" point of view it is incorrect to say that we can destroy energy; we can only change it.  Or we can destroy it also by wasting it--that is, by changing it into a form in which we cannot use it again. 

just though it was poetic and i'd share
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Bit deep for me :)

Anyway I thought it was impossible to destroy energy, you can only convert it.

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A colleague of mine found this on the internet and has used it for quite a while as a joke for energy, allegedly coming from a power company website:

"Energy is more than force. It is power"
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