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I am trying to burn a bootloader in my maybe wrecked NANO.

Have a AVRISP mkII programmer attached to the ICSP connector on the board.
Both LED's on the programmer are burning green.

Now i fireup the IDE version 1.0.
Then i goto the Tools>>Programmer en select the AVRISP mkII
After that to burn the bootloader Tools>>Burn Bootloader

Then i get a error message saying: avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

This makes some sense becourse the programmer on my Windows7 system has no USB port but shows up in the Hardware overview as Jungo>>AVRISP mkII

Is this a know problem an can it be solved?


is the avrisp installed correct maybe you have a problem with the drives

also i think it may be a problem between with avrdude/windows cause a few days ago i was using my usbasp programmer on windows but used avrdude from console i got a similar error when ive added the port argument (-P usb) after removing it everything went perfect, if this is the problem you can try burning the bootloader directly using the makefile


As i am a novice on this subject i dont know what to do with a makefile etc.

I have AVRSTUDIO 5 installed and then i can read the device.
How can i use this program to burn the bootloader?


sorry i never used avrstudio 5 (not working on linux and im too lazy to install it on vmware)

http://www.fettesps.com/burning-the-arduino-bootloader-with-the-avr-dragon/ this tut suggest how to use avrstudio with avr-dragon but you can easily change the programmer, in order to burn the bootloader
depending on what bootloader you want to use youll have to search the bootloader folders for the correct file and look in the boards.txt for the correct fuse settings

hope this helps

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