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Just wanted to post a quick note of thanks to Nick, James and Alex for organizing and delivering a great beginners workshop on the Arduino.  It was great fun and I learnt a huge amount over the two days.  Anyone based in or around London should keep an eye out for future Tinker courses (http://www.tinker.it), you won't be disappointed.

I managed to speak to a few of you during the course, or down the pub afterwards, and several expressed an interest in perhaps getting together in a month or so to have a few drinks and discuss where we are on developing the latest, greatest, must-have gadgets.  If people are still interested post a response up here, alternatively feel free to drop me a line at david dot watkins at ubs dot com.  If theres enough interest, we'll try and sort something out.

Dave W.


Hey glad you enjoyed it.

Tinker arranges a pub meet roughly monthly,come along to that. Theres usually at least one person who brings along their latest toy.

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