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I was reading through my book that I got with my board and came across this:

I can't quite figure out which pins go in which hole. This is the only LED I have at the moment and I don't want to go out and buy another one.

*awkward moment*

Well, I just want to be sure...


Do not do this. It is based on what the arduino circuit was about 5 years ago. Doing this will damage your arduino.

You need a resistor in line with any LED plugged into the arduino. The resistor of between 150R to 680R can be in any leg. With K to ground and A to pin 13.


Oh, heh, the image isn't the same as the one in my book..I have the uno + uno book. The top part of the image is the same, though.
Ah well. Off to the store sometime... I need to get one of those resistor grab bags.

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