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Hello fellow Arduinians,

A friend of mine gave me a power-meassurement device that he would like to see, if I could interface with. The device uses the CS5460 chip. The problem for me however, is that I have no basic knowledge of SPI, and therefor I don't really know where to get started. I used SPI for a LED Matrix Display once, but that was well-documented for use with Arduino -> This is not! I read through the datasheet for the CS5460, but with no good knowledge of how to use SPI - setting it up, what and when to send/receive, and even differentiating between sending and receiving - I could use a helping hand!
I have succesfully connected the correct pins, that I am certain of. But then what? :)



SPI is just a serial interface in the end. Read - http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/SPI  -

Rob Tillaart

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I am aware of that. I just can't figure out how to receive data from the CS5460 using SPI : /

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