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Hello, I'm currently working on a project where I need a surface mount ATMEGA328 with the arduino boot-loader already burned. Why? I'm making a surface mount quad-copter control board, and I'd rather not have an ICSP header on there.


You will have to burn it yourself before you place it in your circuit, which may be interesting without soldering it


Use Test probes with hooks on the end - to program the chip 'dead fly' style. Or, if you will need to program a few or program on board, make a jig with test probes (sprung pogo pins).
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Are you using the TQFP or one of the MLF packages? I think there are sockets for these, but probably not cheap.

You're planning on doing the programming via the bootloader? Some sort of connector is needed for that. I might favor an ICSP connector over an FTDI or USB connector and just program it straight ICSP without a bootloader.


With serial you'll need a 3 pin connector at the least, tx,rx and gnd
the isp isn't much more space but I gues is more routing
perhaps you can get a breakout board for your package and just place it on the pad with a little down pressure during bootloading
or get very(very) small alligator clips and attach to the proper pins without touching any others
Or find a socket


@Jack Christensen, I'm using the QTFP package. I'll have to burn the bootloader, with 'dead fly' style, or mill a small footprint of the package and applying pressure while I burn it.

I intend to program it with a ftdi cable; like with with the lily-pad, or pro mini. On the off-chance, is there anywhere I can buy pre-programmed QTFP 328s with the arduino boot-loader already present?
Cheers for the responses.


I solved a similar challenge I had some time ago by pressing the ICSP male header against the holes for the ISCP connector on the PCB.
Basically, have a place ISCP header but don't solder it.


I recently solved this in a similar fashion as florinc, but instead of a 2x3 through hole header I put 6 small pads on the edge of the circuit board, and programmed the chip with jumper wires to alligator clips.


Thanks florinc, I think I'll use the same method as you & magagna.
Cheers for the responses :D.

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