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I want to have a new shield, which is based on several existing shields and components.
I just want to put all of them in "one", which will be a "small" one.

Unfortunately, I have no clue in circuits' design, etc.

Can you give recommendations about people\companies who can design & manufacture this shield ?
I prefer someone with experience and good reputation, that's why I ask for _recommendations_.

Regarding manufacturing, the basic plan is to manufacture the quantity which will be large enough,
to make the price reasonable per item.
I need only one  :)
So all other items will be sold with the schematics, source code, etc.

Thanks for your help,


What is it that you're looking to combine?
Will all the parts fit on something shield-sized, or will it need to be bigger?
So many questions...
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I am sure someone in the forum will design it for you if you give enough details.
Or maybe the shield you are looking for is already designed and available.
Did you check http://shieldlist.org/?

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