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I'm using arduino mega board but cannot find pin number for ICP1 and ICP3.

So far, it looks like ICP4 is Pin 49 and ICP5 is Pin 48.

If someone has used ICP with 16-bit times (timer1, timer3, timer4 and timer5), maybe could tell me what are Pins of ICP1 and ICP3 ?

Thank you, Albert


Judging by the Mega 2560 reference schematic, those two pins (9 and 47 on the chip) are not brought out to any pins on the board.
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More info: http://www.gammon.com.au/electronics


Aie aie aie... too bad and wonder why this choice !

In fact, i'm using an arduino mega 1280 so I guess it will be same situation, no ICP1 and ICP3 signals routed to specific pins  :~


On a side note, i've noticed also upon viewing arduino mega schematics that it is not possible to generate ICP1 via ACO (Analog Comparator Output) making specific use of AIN0 and AIN1 pins input !

So yes, arduino mega can only manage ICP4 and ICP5 hence use only timer4 and timer5 as time stamper, data logger, PWM duty cycle or PWM frequency estimate...

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