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Has anyone tried to decode Paradox Spectra Security Systems serial interface? My plan is to get activity reports via Spectra's serial interface with JeeNode. I connected my JeeNode to Spretra's serial interface and successfully managed to transfer serial data packets to JeeLink. But I need to decode this serial communication...  :smiley-roll:



well, if you can successfully communicate with it via serial, then you should be able to grab the serial data. Determine the baud rate and you should be good to go.
Then try and see if there are any patterns in the data (meaning that it is a packet based communication).


Hi there, if you get the PRT3 module, you can have all the content sent to you over a serial bus, in either ascii or c-bus format.




I'm trying to comunicate with Paradox alarm system via serial connector (programming connector).
My idea to decode the protocol is to capture serial packets sent from winload (default paradox programming software).

How you have connected the paradox serial connector to the PC/Arduino serial port?


Yes, I have. I tried to look at the packets sent by Paradox, but somehow forsaken this activity :~


I cannot comunicate with the alarm system. Can you help me?
The pcb serial is RS232 or RS485? I can comunicate directly from a PC serial or I need an interface?
My PC mount a RS232/485 card.


You need only simple RS232 To TTL Converter for communication between Paradox and computer.


Thank you. I have built the pcb and the comunication is working.


Very good. It's time to decode the packets. But the question is HOW?  :)


I have the Paradox programming software (Winload). I try to sniff the packets.
I have also received from Paradox the ASCII and CBUS protocol documentation. I don't know if the data exchanged via serial connector uses one of this protocol specifications.
If needed I can send to you the documents.




Have you managed something?

I tried to sniffer this system’s serial interface and found that one packet length is 37 bytes. The first 6 bytes are always the same. When zone status changes then the 9th byte is zone number. From 16th to 31th is reported zone’s name. What means other bytes I have not managed yet.

And found similar testing on the web in Martin's blog:


I have SP6000 Paradox.  I use the babyware software and I have  a simple usb-ttl converter to communicate.

Byte 8: zone status. If==0 zone is closed  if==1 zone is opened
Byte 9: zone number
Byte 10: partition of the current zone.
I made a program, and I can see the status of the zones on PC. I tryed to monitor the serial port to know what the other bytes mean, but it's difficult. I would like to manage all the functions of the system. Arm, disarm, alarm, troubles atc....


An update:
Byte 1: unknown
Bytes from 2 to 3: year
Byte 4: month
Byte 5: day
Byte 6: hour
Byte 7: minutes
Byte 8: zone status. If==0 zone is closed  if==1 zone is opened
Byte 9: zone number
Byte 10: partition of the current zone
Bytes from 16 to 31: zone's name

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