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hey there, not sure if it helps, but i have this code running in python on a raspberry pi.. connected to my prt3 interface.
In this code there is a fair amount of information about the decoded bytes etc and what they mean.
Here is the URL on GITHUB: https://github.com/cb22 - look in paradox2
I see the guy has also got some info on the CASA project..



So i have a Paradox SP550. I've hooked up Arduino pro mini to Paradox serial  port (used only rx and tx,  (Arduino is powered via usb).

Event seems to be 37 bytes, but for some reason, each byte in the event is 0xFF (or 255). Any hints on why could this be happening?

Code: [Select]

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial paradoxSerial(8,7);

void setup() {
void loop()
  if(paradoxSerial.available()) {
     int data = paradoxSerial.read();



So far I have seen good advance understanding the messages and events.

I am looking for ways to interact with my sp4000 board, as the IP150 does (arm and disarm mainly). This weekend I going to try to sniff the packets that commands this modes in babyware in order to figure out if it is possible to replicate trough an custom app without Paradox IP modules.

Any experience relative to this would be appreciated.


I have documents detailing the SP/MG and EVO serial connection if anyone is interested.


I have documents detailing the SP/MG and EVO serial connection if anyone is interested.
Hi, I have interest.

How do you prefere to send me?


I have documents detailing the SP/MG and EVO serial connection if anyone is interested.
I'm also interested in these if you could PM me a copy too.



Well where are we about communicate with the panel.

The event is super easy to decode.... Yes when something is triggered i take perfecr 37 byte decode it.

For example if a zone "change state" the triger will fire and the serial will send a 37 byte information.

BUT, when i first connect how can i ASK for the status of all the zones?

I do not want to arm disarm, for security reasons, but i want to use the info states with openhab.

Please anyone did achive this?

I have all the info about the communication protocol but is far away for me :)

Let's figure this out....

Waiting for brainstorming and to provide any data that i allready find.


It depends on which Paradox panel you're using.  I can help with the EVO48 & EVO192,  but not Spectra/Magellan.  For the EVO this sits in RAM.  I'm assuming this is similar for the Spectra/Magellan but I dont have a memory map of those panels.



I'm interested with this task too but you must know something. For succesfull decoding you must use only one model with same firmware version. In example Evo192 with firmwate version 4.63 and Evo192 with firmware version 6.86 aren't the same. So knowing the Paradox protocol is not enough.


hi there am i able to connect with a USB to Serial Cable TTL 4 Pin RS 232 UART to the paradox alarm system and use WinLoad or BabyWare??
thjis is the usb device i purchased https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1771244404


I cant see why not.  The Paradox alarms work with 5V logic, and it seems this USB device you purchased can operate on 5V.  Just confirm this with any technical info you received.  You dont want to feed your USB serial device 5V when it can only handle 3.3V.


I have a Paradox MG5050, I am trying to communicate with the alarm panel using the Serial connector but without any luck. Can someone please assist.

I am using the Uno. My hardware connection is as follows: RX on serial connector to pin 8 on Uno, TX on serial connector to pin 7 on Uno. The Uno is powered via PC USB.

Attached is the code which I'm using (basically to test if my software serial connection is up and running):

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(7,8); //Rx ; Tx

void setup() {

void loop() {
    if (mySerial.available()){
    Serial.println("mySerial available");


Using the IDE serial monitor set to the same baud rate, the only message I get is
"start" which is for the usb serial connection. All else is blank as though mySerial doesn't become available.

What am I doing wrong?



I have an EVO192 panel, with a keypad, and a magnetic door sensor on my desk.
I'd like to connect and read the serial communication from the panel with my Ubuntu PC with the help of an FTDI device:
Can you help me how can I read, what the panel send? I tried to use minicom, but there isn't any signal sent through serial, when I open or close the door sensor.


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