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Anyone have any experience hacking any Verifone Terminal in general? I have couple of these and really want the display, keypad, and mag stripe reader. Any ideas?

Most do have a RS232 and Telco ports. Is there a way to interface there?


Saw how some people were cloning credit cards and cheating people in the news. I'm getting suspicious. LOL.
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hi instipod

If you want to use the display, keypad, and mag stripe reader just take apart the terminal and re-use them, there are plenty of tutorials about these parts.

Please note that any discussion about illegal activities won't be allowed here.


I rather wonder if he wasn't talking about "Cloning" cards. I answer a Lot of questions here and that is a subject I am not even going to read let alone respond to... I Like this forum, my 5 three Arduino'''s (My first was an R3 the others are Clones... Uno, Mega and 2 Pro Mini's... with 328's installed @ 16 Mhz/5V. I am a retired old coot and this is my primary source of entertainment next to reading the books to teach me the language...

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