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Hello all,

This is a continuation of a project I started in the interfacing area (http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,101231.0.html).  I am moving more into the electronics side so I figure it would be best to move it out of that area.

Short description is, I got an old DVD robot for free.  The board in it was toast, after ripping the board out I put an arduino inside of it.  I have stepper motor... well.. stepping fine, and now I am trying to figure out the sensors, which appear to be optical switches.

This is what the sensor wireing looks like, I think.  Its a little tricky tracing this surface mounted board.

From what I can tell, when something breaks the lightpath, the optical switch opens.  When closed I am getting a resistance of around 5.6k.

Now I need the arduino to detect this, but I am brain farting and can't seem to figure out how to do this.  If anyone can give me some guidance I would appreciate it.


edit:  That D1 doesn't look right to me, and its hard to tell where its going with the way the board is, so theirs a good chance that component isn't right.


After taking a nap, I figure it out, had to go back to basics and all that.

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