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Hi everyone...

need some help on how to hook up an installation. The idea is the following:

The room have 5 audio speakers and a microphone (wich is outside, pointed to the street).
We had made floor tiles for the entire room and some of them will move when stepped on.
These moving floor tiles should activate the microphone and direct it's sound to one of the speakers (random) for about 30 seconds. If possible, the sound should be distorced (pitch).

So far, I thought on using some piezos on the floor tiles conected to the arduino board... But that's as far as I could go.
I was thinking on using the software Isadora to control the microphone and the distortion; but I would still have to figure out a way to direct it to the multiple speakers without having a soundboard with that many conections. Also, I think I could use only the arduino for this (to lower the cost and simplify the project).

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance,
Paulo Rosa


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Use an analog multiplexer to direct the audio to diffident speakers/amps. something like the 4051 ic. i don't know but i think you could use force sensing resistors in the floor tiles. the microphone signal goes through the multiplexer and on to 5 possible out put's which you control from the arduino using some kind of sketch involving the sensors. the discordant noise could be a fx unit before the multiplexer or 5 different fx units after the multiplexer on it's outputs.
how are you thinking of moving the floor tiles are they on wheels? this sounds a bit dangerous.


The demux is actually a great idea!

But it turns out, we got the funds to get a software to use with the arduino, so the arduino will only run the sensors and trigger the software which will route and treat the audio. I'm still looking for which one will be chosen.

About the moving tiles, they have foam underneath, so when stepped they depress.


Just use cheap micro-switches in the floor. they are easy to wire up and should work as well more expensive solid state switches


The problem with the switches is that I have a larger surface to keep track, and to be effective, I would have to put one switch at each corner. This way, the piezo seems to be more effective.

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