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I was testing the As3Glue library with the Arduino UNO, however I notice that the connection is not very stable. Sometimes ports are updated and sometimes not, same goes for analog inputs.

With the older Arduino boards (diecimilla, duemilanove) everything works flawless.

I use Serproxy (actually TinkerProxy) to translate the serial data to XMLsocket.

I now the Arduino UNO has a new USB chip, does that cause the errors.

I use Flash Arduino communication a lot in my classes and it would be a pity if thats not possible anymore with the new board.

Someone noticed the same issue's?
I used the bundle 1.5.



i am having the same issues. it´s so bad. i was checking my actionscript code for days, running through forums to find out that the arduino uno is causing the troubles.

anyone finding a solution for running a arduino uno with flash would be my hero!


have a look at netlabtoolkit.org. i found this lately and for mit it´s the solution for connecting an arduino (even the new uno) to flash.


Seems that its was an issue with the Firmata included in Arduino 0021. The version included in Arduino 0022 seems to work fine.

By the way an nice tool to test and monitor Firmata without Serialproxy is Firmata_test :


I'm glad you liked my little Firmata Test program.   :)

Arduino 0022 fixed a baud rate mismatch involving the new 8u2 USB-serial converter.  Without this fix, the communication is very unreliable.

A bug that caused trouble with Linux was also fixed, though that's in the 8u2 code, so updating is harder.  But if you're using as3glue, you're probably not running Linux.

On my to-do list for 2011 is updating as3glue for Firmata 2.2's new features, so it can work with all boards.  If you're interested in using it with something else, please email me directly, paul at pjrc dot com.

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