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Hello all,
I have been experimenting with peoples code etc and want now to start building my own projects. One of my first projects is going to be for a pan and tilt servo rig that moves and tracks people (I am terrible at programming so may take a while) I might use PIR sensors or ultrasonic What ever is best I guess. I just need some help buying the correct servo.

I bought a bunch of servos for 10 pounds (4 working) Quite bad condition but they work. I just want to know really where can I buy cheap but normal size servos. I have looked through ebay but going through it I can only find the 9g tiny servos which I bought one in the past(Great for experimenting with but putting them into context... CRAP) So could anyone give me the places where they buy their servos? Thank you very much Trevor Boultwood


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I have a lot of theese in my model airplanes and so does others in my club. I have never heard anybody complain.


They sell servoes in all sizes, and the good thing is that you can read the reviews from buyers

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