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Hi there,
I just wanted to check something with you guys, and this seems like the right place and posting to post it,
i playing around with programming a ATTiny85 through an arduino got it all wired up, code is compiling with no issues, i have not uploaded it or done anything else with it, i just wanted to check a few things before i burn out my mcu, or do anything stupid, i have been going off this tutorial :

As you guys deal with arduino's and multiple levels of programming on a variety of mcu's, i would rather ask here, if this tutorial correct, i am not using the code from there, just the methodology,
mainly im looking to ensure i can burn bootloader to the ATTiny85 through the arduino,
and i have seen within a forum something regarding setting of fuses for ATTiny85, how wouldi go about doing this,
Just looking for info
and thank you


I have the same question because i have also read it somewhere and especially when you fix a chinese clone board it is said "When burning bootloader and uploading the ASP place a 10uF capacitor between the GND and RESET pin". I did it, but as soon as i never had problems with auto-resetting  why was this needed?

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