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Topic: Connection question of pc using BT serial port to Arduino using HM-10 (Read 387 times) previous topic - next topic


I have read so many articles about Bluetooth LE.
It doesn't support serial port profile. It support GATT.
I have found a lot of sample code on Internet of HM-10/11 using Serial port to communicate.
So, How does serial port work on Arduino with HM-10?
So many samples using HC-5/6, both can use terminal to connect to each other.
What about HM-10?
My laptop has a Bluetooth LE. So, it doesn't provide Bluetooth serial port profile to connect to my Arduino with Hm-10.
so, I am thinking to buy older version of Bluetooth for my laptop to test the Arduino with Hm-10.
I would like to know if it would work on terminal to connect each other between Arduino with HM-10 and pc with BT serial port?
I don't want to waste the money eventually that won't work.
Thank you so much.

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