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Yea the whole robot will cost about $400. 
Accelerate to 88 miles per hour.


I'd like a telepresence  robot like Wowwee Rovio or spykee.

I'd also like a vaccum robot like Irobot's Roomba. 
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On the topic of mechanized lawn-care, I recently acquired an old robo-mower that I can lobotomize.  I have no plans for dandelion picking, but I'm keen on any discussion regarding boundary navigation.

Don't know what you have, but I have a old Friendly Robotics RL-500 sitting in my garage waiting for its lobotomy; I didn't want to deal with the boundary wire, either. My idea for the boundary detection is to mount (using epoxy) small magnets to golfball tees, and stick those around the boundary about every 6-8 inches or so. Then use hall-effect sensors to detect them. The greater problem I am wondering about is detecting cut grass from uncut grass (a high-speed humidity sensor might work); I don't want to run the blades constantly, and I want to detect (and map) where it's been cut already.
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I'm working on an infrared boundry.  I'll keep you updated.
Accelerate to 88 miles per hour.


Don't know what you have, but I have a old Friendly Robotics RL-500 sitting in my garage waiting for its lobotomy

Hey, turns out that's what I got, too.  It just fell into my lap.  Someone was giving it away, and knew I tend to fix things that aren't (yet) broken, so there ya go.  I have a few projects in the queue with higher priority (says I, before the grass has really started to grow this summer ....)  I haven't even really looked it over yet.  Let me know what you come up with, if you start before I do.


Hm, that looks like a fun robot to tinker with, although it doesn't look like a multi-purpose robot unless you make some hefty modifications.

My robot is designed to be more multipurpose.  I'm still developing the coding and such, but I hope to make it simple and easy to use for a person to give it a special task.
Accelerate to 88 miles per hour.


I'd prefer one that could lubricate the chain on my motorcycle.

Don't you have a Scottoiler?

You are in a hurry dashing for work you get out of the house and the car is all iced up :( How about a robot that would have deiced it for you while you were in bed and perhaps checked the tyres for tread and pressure?

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