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I'm working on a project aiming to build a midi controller. I want the controller to have between 30 and 45 (analog) knobs and about 20 pushbuttons (digital).
I'm using the arduino uno. As you can see, i'm going to need to use multiplexers, otherwise the number of analog inputs is way too low.

Since i don't have any experience with multiplexers, i thought it would be a good idea to ask some advice  :)

When searching on the web, i came across this:


and this:


I think the first one would work, but then it's pretty expensive and it needs to be shipped to Europe (long waiting time.. :smiley-sleep: ) Futhermore, i suspect that the coding of that one is not easy.
If i use of the second one, i will need to wire some of those together since one 4051 is not going to do the job..

I think there are a lot more of these things on the market, but don't know exactly where to start looking.

Any advice on what kind of multiplexer would be good for me to use?

Thanks in advance,,

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