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Have you guys seen this shield?  www.tmientp.com/ipoddock.htm Looks like it has some good potential,  The URL points to a Sip'n Puff Ipod Dock example.


I forgot to mention that it is also a Kickstarter project.


Look like it has some good potential

Next time, you can be slightly more open by saying:  "Check out my shield and kickstarter project."
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Hi, More general question: ISThere a discussion group or blog for Assistive Technology based on Arduino?

Many years ago A friend of mine at IBM and I wrote code that translated sip-puff Morse Code to run an IBM PC through a keyboard device driver.  It was for a quadriplegic kid in our area in Vermont. At the time there was commercial software available for the PC.  $1800! That got us fired up enough to develop a free version. 

That's Ancient History now.. WhatsUp with Arduino and Assistive Technology??
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