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I want to build a robot which i can controll via internet. Does anyone know a shield that I can use ?



To do what? The internet part? The motor part? Any sensors? All of it? Do you just want the robot to connect directly to your router, or via a PC?

There are a load of shields you could use at http://shieldlist.org/

Try defining your requirement more specifically.


I saw this Video on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdxap-b1L08 and thought, instead of the voice Shield i take a Motor shield to controll two hacked Servos(continuous rotation). I dont need any Sensors. For stearing I got two other Servos which are glued to the side of the hacked Servos.I tried it with an IR Sensor and a remote controll. But i can`t find any plans ore code!


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