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The ethernet shield data line are on the ICSP connector.

SS   = 53 / 10

I don't know what that means. It should be only digital pin 10 if you are using the ethernet library.

SPI lib uses 10 on UNO and 53 on Mega ?
In any case I tried 53 and 10 also


Digital pin 10 is the w5100/w5200 Slave Select on both Uno and Mega. Insure you have the SPI data lines connected correctly.


I can echo that: make sure you have not confused MISO/MOSI -  triple check, and check again, and check it against other designs.  More than one person has got them backwards, as their sense is sometimes different from chip to chip. 

Also, please place jumpers for the CS, some clones need to use other pins for these.   Only one jumper needs to be populated in most cases, so not a biggy, but better than me having to cut traces. 


Dr. David Harris
OpenLCB Dev Team


Hi guys
Sorry for sporadic replies, exam period and all ;(
I am using the module with a 2560 at the moment.
The pinout I am using is:
MISO - 50
MOSI - 51
SCLK - 52
nSS - 10
Make sure you give it 3.3V Power
Make sure you have the updated libraries - http://www.wiznettechnology.com/sub_modules/en/product/Product_Detail.asp?cate1=5&cate2=42&cate3=0&pid=1161#tab

I can't remember if there were any other changes I had to make to the library, because I had some error messages thrown up but I can't remember what they were. Let me know if you have any other problems.


Hi All,

I've some code adapted for W5200 but I'm still waiting for the boards to arrive, in the next days I will leave the country for some work related activities and I would like to know if the code is working or not.

Is there someone that would like to test that code for me, is just a matter to load, ping and access with an Android app. If interested, please send me a private message.

The code to be tested is part of the Souliss project.

Souliss - Open-source Distributed Home Automation with Arduino and Android

Follow at @soulissteam


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