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Hello guys,
It's Himanshu from Jaipur (Rajasthan),
I am a MCA student and a programmer (Java and C family).
I am a newbie for arduino, and want to learn and use all of this techniques.
I am researching and developing on a new AI program for automation of everyday life, and i know Arduino is best for this purpose.
as finally it's in India, now i can go out of my PC and test all of this in real world.
Thanks :)


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Hi! guys I'm Ufoguy. I love arduino as a hobby. I haven't made anything unique with it yet. I may in the future.
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Hello Everyone...
I'm Prakash from Chennai... I work at Simple Labs

Simply Love Arduino...

Have been into everything around Arduino for the last 4 years... Training, Projects, Prototypes, Distribution...

If you are in chennai, feel free to drop into our office [Beware, its a freaky place!] :)



i am raghv
i am a student in indore, mp and i recently went to 11th standard
in summers i took a part time job(for fun) at technido, one of the affiliates of kits n spares
i am following arduino for 1 year and i have worked on many different projects(it was a part of the job)


Hi All,

Good to See A Great Indian Support Here. Myself Mandeesh Singh, I'm a Freelance Embedded Systems Developer and Trainer Based in New Delhi.
Finally I moved on to Arduino after 8051 and PIC. We as a team work on Developing Embedded Systems Products / Projects and Provide Industrial Embedded Solutions based on 8051 / AVR / PIC / ARM7. And I'm really astounded  :smiley-surprise: to see and experience the capabilities of Arduino and will definitely use and share it with all. Share and Grow . . :)

Cheeeers :)  . .

Mandeesh Singh
FB : https://www.facebook.com/mandeeshs
Linkedin : Mandeesh Singh http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mandeesh-singh/1a/38a/943
E-mail : mandeeshc@gmail.com / info@bm-es.com
Mobile : +91-7838079707
Mandeesh Singh


    I'm a student of B.Tech 1st year i've started Arduino few months back now i'm learning it i've started my projects and my project is on interfacing ps2 keyboard with arduino can any one help me?

means how to connect it?
and program it?

and really delighted to see arduino india  :)


Amresh Singh, an Open Source enthusiast. Trying to build stuff that can interface with Android.

Was wondering if we can have a meeting somewhere in bangalore just to see how the community is shaping up.

Btw, Everyone should listen to Banzi's tech talk. http://www.ted.com/talks/massimo_banzi_how_arduino_is_open_sourcing_imagination.html


Hi i am Mohit Sharma from New Delhi. I have a startup Infi-Zeal Technologies (www.infizeal.com) and we are working on projects on Arduino. I am looking forward to learn a lot from all you guys..... :)



I am P Sharma from AVMICROTECH New Delhi. We are in the embedded business for the last few years. We sell development boards for Atmel microcontrollers like Atmega32U4, Atmega1284 and Atmega328 and also other Robotics product like motor drivers, LCD interface boards, Xbee interface boards etc...

We have used Arduino for many Industrial projects due to  shorter development cycle and custom libraries. Arduino is simple for beginners but it carries all the power for complex application. In a recent application, using precision external voltage reference and putting processor to sleep during ADC, we were able to achieve very stable measurements.  We have used them in numerous applications running 24x7 and yet to see a single faulty unit back.


Website: http://www.avmicrotech.com
Tel: 9810137056


DiY enthusiast, located in Mumbai. I'm part of a group called Wyolum (www.wyolum.com) and we build a lot of open source hardware projects based on the Arduino.



Hi everyone out there XD, this is Sumant from Pimpri, Pune. I am currently pursuing my engineering in Instrumentation.
I love arduino because the way it knocks down the difficulty level of things is really awesome :)

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Hi guys. This is Shankar from chennai.
I am a 12th grade student. I am a wannabe geek and computer hardware and electronics enthusiasist.
Initially I took, interest on micrcontrollers after reading a article about it in a magazine. So I first started meddling with a pic 16f84. But it was too difficult to program and experiment with, for a beginner like me. Then I heard of arduino, bought it and was delighted to see how easy it was to operate, code and learn.

Arduino simply rocks to hell! :smiley-yell:


I am Debashish Mohapatra.My profession is Lectureship in an B-Tech Enginering College.Most of the time I am given the charge of Major and Minor Project for the final Year Students.I always prefer Arduino , may it be the Readymade board or a standalone Custom made bare bone one.I love the programming languag's ease of use for my projects on instrumentation, data acquisition etc.


Hi! :)

This is Prathit here and I'm currently in class 9th studying in Delhi.. Noida to be precise.. I have robotics classes going on in my school and am quite interested in building Projects making use of Arduino  XD


Harshad Italiya From Surat, Gujarat.

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