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Hi David,

I am Totally New To This Forum. I am Based Out of Kerala. I am a Cyber Security Expert and wedding photographer. Any One Here From Delhi?? I am Here garudafilmmakers.com




This is Nitin Sontakke (as you can make out from user name). I am located in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Personally, quite keen to put together a meet-up around Arduino.

So far found following from Pune in this forum:

Avatar               Name
--------------       ----------------
Suma         Sumant      
uberjoker      Harshad      
Arduinoisme   Eshan Singh   
0123_456      Omkar      
ankushg989      Ankush       
BarrierBreaker   Akki   

Feel free to mail me:   nitin at sontakke dot com


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A much needed forum and discussion platform for locals. I will be sharing my arduino projects soon on this forum with you people.

Akhil Kapoor



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Hi this is Binay from Delhi. I read about Arduino while pursuing my hobby of reef keeping and decided to jump into the bandwagon two months ago and have since then made a Reef controller based on Arduino mega to mimic sunrise, daylight, sunset, moonphase, temperature probes, autofeeder, automatic water top off, datalogger and am working to add various probes and extra function ability to my project. I have no background of any programming language but thanks to the libraries and codes uploaded by so many enthusiasts I have managed to learn and develop my controller.
I am now working on a project to stream data of air quality in and around Delhi in real time. As this is a hobby I cannot work at the pace I would love to but am hoping to be able to finish the project in a few months.


Hello ArduoINDIANS,
                 This is mayuri from Belagum Karnataka. Basically a EMbedded C developer , deal with PIC microcontrollers. I have stated doing projects on arduino. Nice to c u all..


hi I'm using arduino Uno for TEXT to SPEECH conversion. i'm new to Arduino platform. from the past 2 weeks i surfing lot of codes in forum. even i failed to made.

i have a error, i don't know hoe to rectify,


any body help me?


I am a photographer, designer, football player, blogger and short story writer. I reside at hyderabad and I am now looking for a post as media analyst.


hello .. basically i am from australia.... but recently live in chandigarh. india is very beautiful city...........
chandigarh is very similar to australia... well planed city of india. very clean city.....
traffic is controlled... so there's no doubt that chandigarh is the most beautiful city of india.......


Hi I am Chiraag,
I am from Bharuch a small town in Gujarat.I am an Automotive Engg by profession but I have recently developed a lot of interest in the Arduino platform.


Hi Friends ,

I'm Krishna from Hyderabad, India working on IoT with arduiono and raspberry.kindly post if any projects u have developed to krishna.pvkm@gmail.com


Hello Everyone,

I am from Kolkata, India and love arduino. I am not a pro but started learning it. I along with some other IOT enthusiast created a Group in Facebook related to IOT, it can be Arduino, Rasberry Pi or anything related to IOT. If anyone from Kolkata, India and like to join can join in our Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1037636692999823/.

Thank you all.


 i'm vikas from vizag .i'm a big fan of arduino and have been using it from 1 years. i'm crazy about doing projects with it.  i have done most of my projects on home automation and environment monitering


narayan prasad nepal, i am from kathmandu nepal. i think india is nearer and our language and cultural are somewhat similar. i can understand hindi. i am currently doing solar charge controller with inverter load mgmt for street solar . in future i  am trying for queuing system using arduino.

Hello . i am jacob carl i am from Bangalore India. l am working in PCB development company


Hi everyone ,I am Shashidhar Y Bhat ,I live Bangalore ,I study 9th grade .

I use arduino as a hobby . I limit to building only bots and small stuff.I can't do much due to financial problems.I had recently got an arduino from Italy whereas before I was using a home made arduino.I started electronics from the age of 7.

This is my recently created webpage www.hcyogeesh.in/syb 


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