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Interesting project. PaulS - any progress?


Haven't heard anything more from OP.
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I've been contacted by a Forum reader in this neck of the woods, who is interested in collaborating on the project. We need to discuss the possibilities more, and then post if we're still short on know-how.
Drew, with the Field Museum


Wow, this looks like so much fun in its simplicity yet it could be so clever.

I used to work with furnaces that worked in a basic eight steps with times on each set (also ignore time till setpoint option).  Maybe

Step 1 - Start (Any initial settings before really beginning)
Step 2 - Purge (Any process gases you may want, for this extra moisture could help)
Step 3 - Ramp Down (to setpoint or just time)
Step 4 - Hold (Sustain setpoint and time)
Step 5 - Ramp Up (to setpoint or just time)
Step 6 - Hold (Sustain setpoint and time)
Step 7 - Purge to external ambient
Step 8 - End or Repeat (Check cycle counter = 0)

Options - Safety Interlocks, Abort Purge...

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