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Hi I am new to Arduino, and would appreciate your help/advice.

I have just purchased a mini breadboard for a small project, the link is outlined below.

However, unlike the typical breadboards I have researched this breadboard does not have power distribution buses.
I have an 8x2 LCD Display and 2 Infrared Proximity Sensors which I would like to connect to the board as a result of their multiple connections to GND and 5v pins on the Arduino Uno Board.
How can I connect these components to the breadboard if there is no power buses?

Thanks in Advance


I guess you have to use a few of the 5 pin rows (A-E) as GND and V+. The connection is messier. You know how breadboard's internal connetions work, right? I have a small red breadboard without the rails, too. I got a full sized breadboard for $6.75 later.


Plug your positive power into socket A1 and your negative into J1.
B1, C1, D1 and E1 will now be your positive rail and F1, G1, J1 and I1 will be your negative rail. If you need more, then bridge to row 2 or maybe to a row at the opposite end of the board (e.g. row 30 or closer to your group of components).



Some info on breadboarding here:  http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/LowCostStarterSet-Connecting-Breadboarding

For $2.50 I really like these breadboards:  8Cm Breadboard with power buses

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