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I'm contemplating trying to work on my first "real" arduino project.  I'd like to try to see if I can create some kind of firewire shield for my arduino.  The plan is to use it for debugging and experimenting with various uses for the direct memory access feature of firewire.  After a bit of Googling for "arduino firewire" I didn't come up with much.  Would I be able to just find a firewire board to hook up to a prototype shield or what would you guys recommend?  Is it even feasible with the Arduino?


Your IEEE1394 interface is going to need a lot of buffering, and is going to operate in bursts if you intend running it from an Arduino. An Arduino isn't fast enough to keep up.


For buffering, you mean I'd need to have the IEEE1394 interface send the data to a buffer, then have the arduino read it as it came in much more slowly?  I wouldn't need to dump all the memory at once or anything like that.  I'd be looking more at accessing a couple kilobytes of data at a time, I guess that would be burst mode wouldn't it?


I'd be looking more at accessing a couple kilobytes of data at a time

With only two kilobytes of memory, that's asking a lot.
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Is possible change the buffer size via software...?


Why do you need Firewire. I thought that interface died several years ago.


The Arduino is entirely inappropriate for interfacing with firewire. The data clock speed is 6-24 times the clock speed of the MCU on the Arduino board. This would need something with much beefier computing capabilities than an Arduino - RPi maybe?

Besides, there's likely to be little available in terms of parts to work with firewire, because it was never popular, and died and unmourned death years ago.

I also don't see how firewire's direct memory access is relevant here - it couldn't give you direct access to Arduino's memory. Am I missing something?
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FireWire is dead for civil and domestic uses, not to mention military applications.
I use for industrial and pro applications... That is my reason because I need...

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