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Hey guys
Im currently working on a project measuring energy consumption by using arduino UNO and Olimex energy shield+Non-Invasive Current Sensor .
Ive been trying to get the shield working for some time,but no success.


  • Arduino uno+arduino v1 IDE

  • Olimex energy shield+Olimex ADE7753 library

  • Non-Invasive Current Sensor 30A

My problem is that im not able to detect Zero Crossing by using the ADE7753 library. The library provides methods for zero crossing detection, however it doesnt seem to work. After some debugging, Ive found out that the variable for Zero crossing is always -1.

note: the wiring energy shield+clamps has been done according to the manual(Voltage probe,Current probe)

I would be very grateful for any help regarding this issue

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